If you’re a new comer to fitness, studying a couple of women’s fitness magazines will be a great resource that will help you kickstart your exercise program. I ought to observe that not every fitness magazines are identical. A number of them focus more about diet, others focus more about workout programs, beauty and health or supplements, etc.

If you are thinking about women’s fitness magazines that concentrate more about workout programs, I recommend Oxygen Magazine. Oxygen is really a monthly magazine plus they normally have special issues all year round that are offered. I really like Oxygen because there is a number of workout programs in every monthly issue.

An execllent women’s fitness magazine is Muscle and Fitness Hers. To the feminine who’s seriously interested in getting fit. There’s simply no fluff within this magazine whatsoever. M & F Hers also offers a number of workout programs in addition to details about different supplements for active females.

Other fitness magazines available include Fitness, Self and Shape. When they provide some good fitness tips, they likewise have beauty and health information inside them. Personally, basically wanted beauty and health tips, I’d buy Cosmo, 17 as well as other beauty magazine.

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