People, that are trying to quit drug or alcohol abuse, may have to face certain physical and mental challenges. The main thing is to struggle with the withdrawal symptoms that can be painful for the patients.

The mental trauma is another thing to fight with and people related to patient and the staff of the facility plays a very big role to make the patient at ease. The staff of Detox of South Florida Rehab Center understands this very well and appreciates a person’s wish to start a new life.

Qualification of Doctors and the Staff: In a detox facility, the doctors and the staff are expected to be in the premises and supervise the patients round the clock.

At the Detox of South Florida, the staff that includes medical doctors, psychologists, nurses, mental-health-counselors, social workers, all of them are well qualified and licensed.

All the staff members have been given proper training to handle the metal and physical issues, a patient can face during the period of treatment. It helps the patients to get the best care within the facility.

Stress on Teamwork: Other than medical practitioners and nurses in Detox of South Florida, the management staff is also well educated and work as a team with the doctors. The counseling staff at the facility works so efficiently that patients feel like being at home and open up with the counsellors within no time.

The positive response of the counseling staff towards their work makes the handling of the problem easy and patients also feel comfortable in their presence. The licensed staff fulfills all the credentials standards, which makes Detox of South Florida a great rehab center.

Patient-to-staff Ratio: The patient-to-staff ratio at Detox of South Florida is also very good. The number of counselors in this center is great and patients can be provided individualized treatment.

Experienced Medical Professionals: While going to a rehab center, a person definitely will like to find out how much experience the doctors there carry. As the mental and physical health of the patient has to be checked continuously, one would like to have only professional medical help.

Detox of South Florida has one of the best doctors in this line that are capable to handle the difficult situations. The team of experts in the facility is led by Dr. Vikram Targuru, Dr. Muhammed Syed, Dr. Darlene Mayers, and Dr. Shilpa Targuru.

Each of these members has great experience behind them and is committed to a patient’s full recovery. If any person has any issues even after the recovery, they are always there to guide him.

Since addictions are generally bound to relapse, the staff at the center develops an aftermath plan according to patient’s problem so that he/she can stay sober. The main objective of the Detox of South Florida is to help their patients in all those ways that can give productive results.

For all the inpatients and outpatients, the staff of the facility works hard so that the patients can lead a successful life after recovery.

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