Whenever you hear of plastic surgery, what is the first thing that conjures up in your mind? Do you get images of a Hollywood star trying to reverse her signs of aging? Do you just remember people who just wish to alter the size of their breasts, stomachs and other parts? Yes, those are few of the most common images of plastic surgery that we have in our minds. But what if a 6 year old boy is bit by a dog on his chin and he needs to rebuild his chin? Or what about the young teenage woman who has got a dark birthmark on her forehead who wishes to lighten the color with the help of a laser?

Here comes in the different plastic surgery options. If you want to know more on plastic surgery, here are few things that you should know especially if you’re thinking of doing it on your teen.

Plastic surgery – What is it?

The word plastic shouldn’t give you an idea that it ends up with full of fake products. It is a special kind of surgery which can alter the appearance of a person and also his ability to function. The 2 types are:

  • Reconstructive surgery corrects any defects that are there on your body or face. It can include palates or cleft lips, deformities of the ear or other traumatic injuries due to burns or dog bites.
  • Cosmetic surgery procedures change a part of the body which the respective person is not satisfied with. These may include breast augmentation surgery. Rhinoplasty. Liposuction and several other types.

Why do teens undergo plastic surgery?

Of course there are many teens that don’t go through plastic surgery. But the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports a change in the reasons that teens give behind undergoing such surgeries. They view plastic surgery as one of the best ways in which they can fit in to their dream look and become more acceptable to their peers and friends. On the contrary, the adults find plastic surgery as a way of standing out of the crowd.

Some people take resort to plastic surgery to rectify a defect that they have in their body or change a portion of the body which makes them uncomfortable. A guy or a girl who has a disturbing birthmark can also eliminate that mark with the help of laser treatment. This is also a part of plastic surgery.

Nevertheless, girls who feel like augmenting the size of their breasts even before they turn 18 should never choose this option. The minimum age for this surgery is 18 years and hence you should wait for your right age before you bask in the happiness of such a figure correcting surgery.

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