Do you think that you are suffering from plantar fasciitis? There are many like you who suffer from this problem however they really do not know when to consult a doctor for this problem. When you feel pain in your heel then the medical term used for such problem is plantar fasciitis. There are number of reasons for causing this problem. Some of the important reasons are sudden gain in weight, wearing wrong size shoes, walking or standing for very long time or due to flat feet or high arches.

Usually plantar fasciitis gets resolved by itself however sometimes it may persist for a very long time. In certain cases, heel pain may also associate with redness, numbness or warmth in the heel and mild fever too. In such case one must seek medical help immediately.

If you want to know more details about plantar fasciitis then you can pay a visit to the website and go through it. Following are few signs that you need to observe in your case and if they are noticed then you must take an appointment with the doctor.

  1. When weight is placed on the heel then heel pain is felt

If it is caused by any deeper injury then there can be pain if any extra weight is placed over the heel and it must be properly attended by a doctor. Those who think they are suffering from plantar fasciitis feel the pain while placing weight on heel in that case you must not wait further but meet the doctor.

  1. Constant heel pain

Are you suffering from constant heel pain? Just try to give some rest to your heel and check if the pain still persists. If the pain is still there then there is no need to wait any further. It is really difficult to live with constant pain and it is necessary to get relief from it and hence you must call the doctor.

  1. Pain is continuing for longer period

Many of you must be suffering from heel pain and must have taken few medicines but the pain is reappearing again. If it continues for a week then it is time to visit a doctor.

Doctors may fix the problem with the shot of corticosteroid and if it does not solve then he may give another shot next week. If you still do not get relief from the pain then you need to consider surgery.

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