1. My insurance plan is almost over, how can I renew my insurance?Please select our Tiger insurance (Also known as 虎虎保险) plan after logging in to your account interface and then make a purchase. You can also add a tiger Chinese assistant for consultation. 2. Can I use an international credit card?You can make a payment on the mobile phone with a credit/deposit card, including an international credit card. 3. If I am now 24 years old and I am going to be 25 years old, how can I pay?If your insurance effective date is before your 25th birthday, you can purchase our Student Health Insurance program at the age of 24. 4. Why is Tiger Insurance cheaper than school insurance?The insurance provided by Tiger is mainly aimed at international students, and the insurance of the school is also directed to the local people. 5. What is the Student Health Center? What should I do if my school does not have me?The Student Health Center belongs to the infirmary of your school. If your school does not have an infirmary, you can consult a doctor in our network nearby. 6. Does Tiger Insurance meet the requirements of the J1 visa?Yes, Tiger Insurance is tailor-made for J1, you can view the J1 insurance plan in “I come to visit”. 7. Does Tiger Insurance have preferential items, how to operate?If more than two people buy a group, Tiger will provide additional discounts. Please scan the code and add WeChat to contact Tiger Insurance (Also known as Huhu Insurance). 8. Does Tiger Insurance require a 1095 tax form?No need. The 1095 tax form is only used for the student insurance (also known as 留学生 保险) plan you purchased for the Obamacare Reform Act or for your employer’s insurance plan after work. We do not offer this insurance policy, so you do not need your 1095 A, B, C tax forms.

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