If you are facing trouble communicating about your sexual issues with your doctor, then it is high time you should avoid this. Do not feel embarrassed to speak about your health issues as ED is a more serious medical condition. In fact, 50% of men above the age of 40 experiences erectile dysfunction once in their lifetime. Earlier doctors have a notion that ED is caused either due to emotional or mental problems, but now most of the time Ed is caused due to a physical cause. A few topics that you should bring out while visiting a doctor will be discussed below –

  • It is important to describe your symptoms clearly to your doctor. Your doctor will ask several questions related to your problem to understand the issue. You should be honest and open while giving your answers related to your health as it will help your doctor to find out the exact cause.
  • Once your doctor is done with all the inquiry about your health, he will perform a physical exam. The exam will basically focus on your blood vessel, heart, nervous system, and genitals. Then, your doctor will consider the symptoms, the result of your test, and physical exam to identify the cause of ED.
  • There are certain medications which trigger erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you need to tell your doctor everything about your medications, herbal products, and supplements. This will result in finding the exact cause of your problem.
  • Your doctor might ask you about your lifestyle habit, and it is very important to be true about your habits. As an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to erectile dysfunction such as smoking, weight gain, alcohol consumption, etc. all these contribute to causing ED.
  • There are various options to treat ED. However, the first thing to consider is treating the underlying medical condition. ED is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and any other physical or psychological problem. Your doctor will provide medications by your underlying cause.
  • The most common way of treating ED is through oral medications, medicine such as Tadacip can be prescribed as it is highly recommended. Various other treatment options are also available for example, vacuum devices are prescribed to eject erection, implants are also recommended in certain cases.

Your communication with your doctor should be clear and open so that there is no confusion created; all these above-mentioned tips will help you open out about your problem.

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