Contrary to popular belief, going on a diet doesn’t mean going on a fasting spree, as some of the more modern diet plans include tasty recipes that are equal parts nutritious and delicious. The keto diet has received great praise by showing relatively consistent success stories from dieters of varied body types. With increased effectiveness for people diagnosed with obesity, this low-carb diet is a meal plan that people should look out for, as it shows great results. You’d be amazed at how creative some dieticians and cooks can be in developing recipes that they can make. Keto meal delivery items include pasta made from vegetable substitutes such as zucchini or squash to name a few, and there are also keto fast food options available.

Here are just some of the food types that you can look forward to keeping for your keto diet this year.


What better way to start this list than by making sure that you aren’t deprived of one of the best complementary ingredients of all: Butter. Luckily, this is included in the healthy fats group which you’ll be needing lots of for your keto diet.

Butter only contains minimal amounts of carbohydrates but has healthy amounts of saturated fats, which can help counter the risk of heart attacks and strokes when consumed moderately.

Its intrinsic property of linoleic acid goes hand in hand with the ketogenic process of creating ketone bodies to use stored fats as fuel, as linoleic acid encourages your body to promote more fat loss.

(Certain) Vegetables

It’s a dietician’s secret that plants are great carbohydrate substitutes. Not only are they natural antioxidants, but they also help ease the risk of heart disease and cell damage. Though it can be a positive aspect of other diet plans, the keto diet actively wants to keep you away from carbs to the point of having low to no carbs at all.

Vegetables to keep off your list are the ones that include high amounts of starch such as potatoes and beets as they are not low carb fast food options. You should opt instead to add leafy greens such as kale, cauliflower, and spinach to dress your meals.

Meat products

No diet list would be complete without the inclusion of meat products. The most obvious food item that you’ll encounter in a keto diet is fish and other types of seafood, but you are also permitted to include high-protein items such as lean meats to complete your meals. Who says you have to starve yourself with a diet when you can gorge on delicious rib-eye steaks cooked with the right seasoning? Anything that includes meat is the best keto fast food choice for you.

Greek yogurt

Though it wasn’t at the top of your wish-list, Greek yogurt adds some variety and some much-needed dessert options for your keto diet. Greek yogurt is a popular low carb fast food choice that you can eat even while on the go since it only has trace amounts of carbs. Take it on its own or have it topped with nuts and berries which are high in protein and are great for decreasing appetite.


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