We all deal with stress and still we know how better we would be without it both mentally and physically. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have got our stress under control? While stress can take a positive and motivating form at times when you have the pressure of performing well at work. As per research and studies, chronic stress can have a bad impact on the body and it can lead to problems like sedentary lifestyle or lack of sleep.

You’ll rather be surprised to believe that 75-90% of the doctor visits are related to different conditions like stress. While you can go through e-counseling.com to know about the ways in which you can deal with stress, here are few natural remedies too.

#1: Yoga and exercise

One of the best stress relievers is exercise, a natural remedy for stress and anxiety as it releases endorphins chemicals in the human brain which act like mood lifters and painkillers. According to research, the negative impacts of stress on a body seem to be seem to be more among people who are less active, which is a phenomenon called stress-induced phenotype. Since we react quickly to stress by finding changes in neuro-endocrine systems, exercising regularly would be protective as it brings about a positive change in the metabolic system of the body.

#2: Devotional prayers and meditation

Meditation and prayer are stress relievers which let people handle anxiety, worry and helps them in finding peace of mind. Meditation is something which can be practices during any time of the day, within your home or without a therapist or even sometimes without a program. Prayer and meditation have been used for thousands of years to enhance well-being but currently they are backed by science too.

#3: Acupuncture

Acupuncture is something that has always been used to treat conditions related to stress, including autoimmune disorders, psychiatric disorders, anxiety, infertility and depression. It has been found out by researchers that acupuncture treatments lead to a change in cardiovascular and immune systems which increases T-cell proliferation and helps with immune responses.

#4: Spending more time with nature

How about making enough time for connecting with people around you, spending time doing things with family and friends? Social connection is always related to longevity as they feel that they’re a part of a larger group.

So, now that you know the natural ways in which you can relieve yourself from stress, what are you waiting for? Follow them in order to bid goodbye to stress and welcome good health.

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